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Is your Multivitamin a Fake or Real?

Over the past decade health and fitness has grown drastically, and many people take supplements such as multivitamins to receive their daily vitamins. However, big corporations have recognized this lifestyle trend and wish to make a profit off of their cheap fake vitamins. You will find these supplements at almost any drugstore and grocery market being sold for a low price, and stating that the product contains high amounts of the vitamins you seek. You will learn why it is good to stay away from these products, and how to distinguish the good from bad! Or you visit trusted websites and read the reviews from it.

What is in your Fake Multivitamins?

Those supplements that are falsely advertised as “high in vitamin content” are purely made up of synthetic materials and fillers that equal to 80% or more of the vitamin. A synthetic material is something that was not naturally extracted from a consumable plant or animal, and is made up of chemicals and products that can actually kill you. Fillers are what are inside of the multivitamin that you are taking, and are usually what makes it look more appealing to you. What that means is that the multivitamin has added flavor, color, sugar, salt, etc. that is not needed and takes away the benefits to be received from the vitamins.

The reason they create products like this is so that money is being saved which in turn the product is sold at a much higher cost. Fillers are added to make you want the multivitamin or other supplement. Some natural products in original state do not look like something a person would want, so they make it nice and pretty for your eyes and taste buds. Another trick they use is the labeling and packaging method. The way something appears means everything to people now, and if the bottle is green with a picture of a tree then people believe it to be good.

Only Take Whole Food Multivitamins!

A whole food multivitamin contains only products that came naturally from nature, and then processed to maintain their vitamin levels while being compressed into a pill form. The reason why you want something that comes from only real foods is the fact of how it will be digested. Synthetic supplements are not recognized by your body and will take a very long time to digest, and that is if the product digests.

Usually something unrecognizable toy your body is going to be sent back out during urination or bowel movement. However, with whole food multivitamins your body knows that the materials in it are natural foods that are digestible, which then allows the body to break it down and distribute the multivitamin throughout the body.

Read the Ingredients!

The ingredient label is what will tell you if it is false or not. If it shows high levels of sugars and salt then put it back on the shelf. When it shows how many vitamins per serving, make sure that it says “per serving”. Many supplements try to deceive you with wording a say instead “per 2-4 servings” which pretty much means unless you take a lot of the product you will not receive any benefits. Research your vitamins and figure out what truly will help you because those fake products will in fact cause damage to your body over a period of time.

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